Frequently asked questions

Is ArtHub Free?

Yes, ArtHub is created by a group of ethuastic young artists who wishes to spread the joy of art. We will always keep this organization free and accessable. However, donations are always greatly welcomed since it will help us to provide more quality contents to our classes.

How do we keep in touch with ArtHub?

The main way to communicate with ArtHub is email( We will get back to you as soon as possible. You are also welcomed to call us, our phone number is (858)-603-6169.

Can my children attend classes that are not in their age recommendation?

Yes. Our age recommendation is based on what we thought would be best suitable for our kids. You are always welcomed to join any classes you'd like for ArtHub

How do we know whether we successfully signed up for the class?

We regularly check our responses. As long as you filled out the google form, you are a part of ArtHub community. we may not send you an email to confirm your registration in time, but we will have your contact information recorded in our system.

How are the classes taught?

We use Zoom as the main way to teach online classes. Here's the link to download Zoom(